Generic solution for any kind of Reconciliation

Reconciliation Simple and easy way of reconciling large datasets.
Recon Tool Available on cloud, Accessible from anywhere.
Data Reconciliation Configure your matching logic and generate insightful reports.
Account Reconciliation Agile implementation and support to get you up and running

How it works

User friendly and can be used by non-technical staff

Data Matching

Step 1

One time creation of File Reading & Matching Rule Configuration.

Generic Reconciliation

Step 2

Upload all your input files (e.g. Excel Sheet,CSV, JSON etc.)

Payment Reconciliation

Step 3

Execute the Rules and view reports of matched/unmatched data

Why SmartRecon?

Why organizations struggle with Reconciliation and How we can help !

  • Current challenges
  • Multiple systems and formats
  • Complexity of matching logic
  • Manual interventions
  • Poor reports and lack of analysis
  • Scalability
  • SmartRecon Advantages
  • Configurable rules and matching logic
  • Supports multiple file formats
  • Pluggable with any existing ERP
  • Design and generate insightful reports
  • Public cloud, Private cloud or In-house implementation options

Use Cases

Few reconciliation use cases across major industries


  • Marketplace(Amazon,Flipkart etc) and vendor payments & orders Reconciliation
  • Marketplace Vs Logistics Company receipt Matching
Bank and Nostro Reconciliation

TAX Reconciliation

  • Tax Authorities Vs Internal Books
  • All type of Taxes like GST, VAT or CESS can be handled
  • System Supports multiple File formats from different ERPs
Ecommerce Reconciliation


  • Matching of Payment GateWay With Bank Data or ATM Data
  • NOSTRO Account Reconciliation
Telecom Reconciliation

Other Usecases

  • Bank Account Reconciliation - Statement of multiple Banks Vs Internal Account/ERP Data
  • Insurance claims and payment Reconciliation


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